Villa Galvagna Giol
is a timeless setting
for wedding and events

Located in the heart of marca trevigiana, a few kms from Oderzo and the nearby Prosecco region, Villa Galvagna Giol is located on an island surrounded by the Lia River. These natural borders are separated by the romanic church of S. Giacomo in Colfrancui.

Villa Galvagna Giol is available for exclusive hire to host group events, especially wedding parties. The Villa and the historic Park offer a timeless and stylish setting for special events, making your wedding day memorable experience.

10 hectares of wooden hidden land to be discovered step by step.

The park was designed in the 1800 by by the famous set designer and  architect Francesco Bagnara.His design follows the romantic trend of that century, The artist and landscaper architect, was well-know for his cooperation on rebuilding La Fenice in Venice.The English ‘style’ park is enhanced by  historic trees, and protected vegetation. The large Magnolia, the tallest and oldest in Veneto is visible from the street and stands next to the charming Olea Fragrans.